Do you have a .onion website?

Not currently, possibly soon.

Do you ship international?

Sorry, no. We have no plans to either.

Do you keep a record of my orders?

No. We automatically delete all order information after 2 weeks.

Can I give a fake name when ordering?

Sure, just make sure the address information is correct so you receive your package.

Do you offer returns?

Unfortunately not, we have to maintain a certain level of privacy to make this business viable.

Are cryptocurrencies safe?

Blockchains from the respective cryptos do not contain any personal information thus linking yourself to a particular payment is near impossible. We now only accept Monero, Monero developers class their cryptocurrency as secure, private and untraceable, their blockchain is also anonymous hence why it’s our preferred payment method.

I have not received my parcel, what can I do?

If you have not received your package in the specified time frame please contact us. It’s very rare for a package to be undelivered, either as lost or stolen but if this is the case, we shall send a replacement free of charge. If your tracking information shows the package as being delivered, no replacement will be sent.

I have not received my order confirmation email.

We do not send emails, login to your account and go to “My Orders” to view your order status.

Do you not sell quantities larger than a 1/2 ounce?

No and please do not contact us requesting it. Reason being on the rare occasion a package does not make it to the intended delivery location we will send a free replacement, doing this on larger quantity’s is not viable for our business.

Will I receive a tracking number?

Due to privacy reasons unfortunately not. We only use the tracking information as a guarantee if the package does not reach it’s end destination, so we can either resend the package or refund depending on the buyers request.

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