Monero and How to Buy

Cryptocurrency’s are safe and secure payment options for staying anonymous online with your purchases. It may seem overwhelming if you have not paid with cryptos before but there are plenty of easy to use mobile apps that do the hard work for you.

Easiest way to buy cryptos and the method we recommend is via an exchange such as Coinbase and Binance, both of these platforms have mobile apps. Alternatively you can use Localmonero that allows you to purchase Monero (XMR) via a number of different payment options, some anonymously.

We have recently removed Bitcoin (BTC) and Litecoin (LTC) as payment methods and now only accept Monero. For two main reasons, transaction fees over both those networks are high in comparison thus increasing the amount you have to pay per order. Secondly, BTC and LTC both use public blockchains, anyone can see funds being transferred from wallet to wallet. Although these wallets can’t necessarily be linked to a certain individual it leaves a digital paper trail. Monero technology does not have a public blockchain and is described by it’s developers as being secure, private and untraceable. In other words, you can send XMR from one address to another, that information is not visable to anyone apart from the sender. That also makes it safe to purchase Monero from an exchange using your real information to then purchase goods online anonymously. Monero cannot be linked back to any individual once funds have been transferred out of the original wallet.

How Do I Pay For My Order?

Since we only accept Monero, there’s now only 1 option. At Checkout:

Enter all delivery information then click “Place Order“.

You will be shown a QR code and the amount to transfer. Scan the QR code or manually enter the wallet address into your app/exchange account. Then enter the correct XMR amount. Double check the amount/address are correct before sending.

Send the funds, once we have received payment your order status will update to Paid – Processing. You do not need to do anything further from this point. This may take up to an hour. To view your order status click here.


When using an exchange, the exchange holds your funds in a wallet, that is controlled by yourself but managed by them. We always recommend transferring your funds to a wallet that is in your sole control and one that you hold the private keys to. For Monero we recommend using Cake Wallet, you can check their website out at Cake Wallet they have an app for both Android and iOS and it’s easy to use.

This is not necessary, it’s just a great app we thought we would share 🙂

If you have a spare 10 minutes, checkout the below video.

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