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GreenDaze are a small group of professionals dedicated to selling a variety of high quality cannabis online at reasonable prices that can be transacted in a safe manner for all parties. Gone are the days making that uncomfortable shady meet with a street dealer whose guaranteed to give you a bad deal. GreenDaze UK arose to fill a gap in the market – High quality weed, at good prices, through your letterbox. We pride ourselves on our reputation with quality, delivery and customer service.

How can I trust you?

An obvious and rightfully so question we get asked a lot. A quick Google search and you will see a handful of websites straight off the bat offering cannabis delivery in the UK, 99% of these are scam sites. They normally offer a abnormally large product range whilst sometimes allowing you to purchase over a kilo all for a reason price. These sites are looking for a quick buck, not returning customers. GreenDaze offers a much smaller selection that varies on a weekly basis in no amounts larger than a 1/4 ounce. We rely on repeat customers for our business to be a success.

We understand anonymity is important to buyers also, rest assured we do not share any data with anyone. Our website does not contain any trackers, or link to any 3rd party analytical platforms such as Google Analytics. Personal data for order’s is wiped from our servers on a bi-weekly basis.


We deliver all packages inside of a odor proof bag that are doubled heat sealed for ultimate smell and barrier protection, these are then put into plain, unbranded envelopes for delivery. We dispatch all orders same-day if the order is placed before 4pm Monday – Friday only.


Cannabis is still classified as a “Class B” drug in the UK, for obvious reasons we do not accept debit/credit card payments. You can currently only make payments for products sold on GreenDaze via cryptocurrency. We now only accept Monero due to the extra transactional security it provides. To learner more about how to make crypto payments, click here.

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